Book podcast review part 1:What should I read next with Anne Bogel (Episode 184:You will never finish your TBR list -and thats a good thing)

So far I like that she will verbally preview what’s in the episode and put in the description. The title piqued my interest since I am crushing my #TBR 2019 list. Since I have recently downloaded the Castbox app , I have found a lot of interesting podcasts about writing, nutrition, comedies, poetry, and books. So I thought it would be great to review several before I commit to a book podcast. I mean really I need time to write, blog, and read I cant spend all day listening to podcasts. Well so far I love the statement about books being a short-cut to what matters to them and their conversations partners. Some poets and of course books title were mentioned because she will recommend a book after the conversation and the guest give the books they enjoyed also.

Here are questions I ask myself when I initially start listening to a podcast:

1. Is this podcast too long? More than an hour?

2.Are there varying lengths?

3. Did she/he ask the right questions?

4.Do they have a pleasant voice, or at least not high pitched.

Next week I will have part two up with my overall impressions and check out at least two other episodes


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