Book Podcast Review : What Should I Read next

Ok here is part two so I will answer the questions I asked in the last post.

1. Is this podcast too long?

No.Most of the episodes were not over an hour….anything over an hour is way too long to listen to

2. Are there too many ads? No

3. Did she ask interesting questions?


4.Is her voice pleasant enough? Yes

As far as never finishing a #TBR list, Will Schwalbe feels like he will not ever finish his # TBR list, for him there would be no purpose if he did.

I understand but respectfully disagree. I love the sense of accomplishment I get when I finish a list I start another list. My list was shorter this year for several reasons

A) to give me room for books I buy at library sales or Half Priced Book store clearance section.

B) It just helped me to zero in and focus

C) to enjoy the book I am currently reading; to absorb it, appreciate and analyze without this self imposed pressure to hurry up so I can get to

The next book.

I went back and listened to episode 183 and 185 so I am sure I will be listening to this book podcast. Episode 185 is about Summer Reading there is a link to the books listed in the show notes. Hmmm I see a few that may be on my 2020 #TBR list.

Well I am taking a small break from the blog. I am in the process of moving😣 but I will be back in June


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