Book to tv adaptations: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Casting has happened and production is underway for ” Little Fires Everywhere” set to air on Hulu for eight episodes in 2020. So far no release date yet.

Reese Witherspoon will star as Elena Richardson

Kerry Washington will play Mia Warren

Linda McCullough,(Elena’s best friend)

Joshua Jackson (Cruel Intentions) will play Bill Richardson

Also starring newcomers

Megan Stott (Izzy Richardson)

Jordan Elsass (Trip Richardson)

Gavin Lewis (Moody Richardson)

Jade Pettyjohn ( Lexi Richardson)

Lexi Underwood (Pearl Warren)

Produced by Hello Sunshine productions (Reese Witherspoon)

Simpson Street (Kerry Washington) and ABC Signature studios.

Our story is set in 1997 Shaker Heights, Ohio. In this community they play by the rules until Mia and Pearl Warren show up. When Mia discovers the biological mother of the baby Linda McCullough is trying to adopt this is where it gets interesting.

I have went to Half Price Bookstore 3 times within the month to get this book so I finally ordered it from Amazon for 7 dollars. I do not have the patience to put this book on hold at the library, besides I will probably want to keep it anyway🙂.


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