Book to Film Adaptations: It Chapter 2 and The Goldfinch

Stephen King IT

Like OMG I am terrified of the trailers! Something about an elderly woman running around naked and trying to attack Beverly Chastain’s character in the first trailer is unsettling. As if that was crazy enough there is a scene in the second trailer that reminds me of Stephen Carrie in that someone is covered in blood( Hard to tell when trying to watch this through your fingers😂)

I did read the book and use to watch the other Stephen King movies, but when it got to the tv adaptation in the ’90s that changed. From the moment that clown started talking to that little boy out of the sewer , it abruptly ended my need to know what happen!( My best friend laughs at me).Hey you can call me whatever it is normal for what looks like a grown man to be living in a sewer. So why did I read ” Pet Cemetary”, “Cujo”, ” Misery” and ” Four Past Midnight” etc…. Glad you asked Stephen King is the master of describing not only how things go wrong, but how it feels when it goes wrong. Those moments your skin crawls, your heart is pounding, or you are so scared to cannot breathe, as we struggle to make sense of what is happening in these situations. Without further adieu.

Release date: September 5, 2019

Synopsis: Twenty- seven years after their first encounter with terrifying Pennywise, the Loser’s Club have grown up and moved away, until a devastating phone call brings them back.

Cast : Characters names are on the left;thep actors names on the right in parenthesis

Penny wise ( Bill Skarsgard)

Young Richie. ( Finn Wolfhard)

Beverly Marsh. ( Jessica Chastain)

Bill Denbrough. ( James McAvoy)

Young Beverly. (Sophia Lillis)

Richie Tozier. (Bill Hader)

Young Eddie. (Jack Dylan Grazer)

John “Webby” Garton. ( Jake Weary)

Young bill ( Jaeden Martell)

Ben Hanscom. ( Jay Ryan)

Adrian Mellon. (Xavier Dolan)

Eddie Kaspbrak. ( James Ransone)

According to AV news, there was a rumor that Stephen King wrote some of the scenes in this installment but turns out the director asked for input and he merely suggested a couple scenes from the original novel. Of course the director obliged him it is Stephen King. Also the hate crime portrayed in the movie that was based on the real life Charlie Howard a gay man who was killed in 1984 by teenagers. They lived in Maine at the time.(Source:Vanity Fair). The movie was originally 4 hours long, the cut enough to make it just under 3 ,the edited scenes may show up in the director’s cut.

The Goldfinch

Release Date: September 13, 2019

Synopsis: A boy in New York is taken by a wealthy Upper Eastside family after his mother’s killed in an terrorist attack at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In the confusion of the attack he steals a valuable piece of art work known in the Art World as the Goldfinch.

Cast: The actor’s name is in parenthesis and the character’s name on the left.

Mrs. Barbour. (Nicole Kidman)

Xandra (Sarah Paulson)

Theodore Decker. ( Ansel Elgort)

Pippa (Ansel Cummings)

Boris Paulikovsky. (Aneurin Barnard)

Larry Decker. (Like Wilson)

Hobie. (Jeffery Wright)

How cool is this. Finn Wolfhard is Young Richie in the It Chapter 2 Movie and Jeffery Wright plays Berger in the Hunger Games.

Young Boris. (Finn Wolfhard)

Fun fact there really is a Goldfinch painting. It’s an oil painting by Carel Fabritus created in 1654. Currently in Hague, Netherlands.(Source: Radiotimes)

It took 40 million dollars to make this movie which is alot of coins for what would considered an indie film.

@theGolfinch movie tweeted August 26 Every secret has a price #theGoldfinch arrives in theaters September 3.


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